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    Top 10 Lower Belly Exercise ( Very Effective)

    Lower Belly Exercise That You Must Do

    Belly fat is the reason for lower belly pout. So to fight against this belly fat, we have to measure the waistline, to know about the mass index, waist to hip ratio, waist circumference. The above things are important to understanding so that we can select exercises to tone the lower belly.


    A Deep Peep- Why Your Belly Fat Won’t Budge?

    • Body mass index

    The parameter comprises the ratio of weight in kilograms to the square of height in meters. A person having a BMI Of 25-29.9 Are considered overweight, and a person is having a BMI of 30 are considered obese. But this can’t be applied to all the people there is a chance of inaccuracy.

    • Waist to hip ratio

    To measure waist to hip ratio accurately, try to measure the narrowest point of yousizest and broadest part of your help. Then divide the values you have got from the measurement. You get Your exact ratio. This zest to hip ratio is a morprecisect parameter to measure BMI. 0.8 waist to hip ratio can be the reason for stroke and CVD.

    •Waist circumference

    We can measure the torso at the level of the navel. According to the official guidelines, you can step your abdominal from above-born bear it intersects the line dropping down from the middle of the right armpit.

    While measuring, don’t place the measuring tape to tide against the skin and breathe normally. Having waist size more than 33 inches is leading towards chronic heart disease.

    Now you can know how to measure the belly fat. The next step is to understand the causes of the lower belly Bulge.

    • Bellon

    One can grow and develop muscles where you want to, but you can do the same with fat.

    There is no such exercise to burn fat in the specific area. When you want to lose fat, your body takes the decision where it wants to lose and how much to lose.

    But if we can decide to lose or gain weight, then all the plastic surgeons would be out of business. But unfortunately, it is not possible. As far as the woman is concerned, Then lower belly can be one of the last areas from which people lose fat. Because the woman is hormonally predisposed to store fat in the lower belly area and thighs.

    So control in intake of calories and doing Exercise is a necessity. If results are not as desired, you have to implement a new workout routine and a strict diet regime.

    • Posture

    Wrong posture can give the impression as you have belly fat. Your lower belly fat may be due to your pelvis being deleted too far forward and downward. It causes your lower back to overarch and pushing out the lower part of your belly. It creates the impression of having bigger Belly.

    • Lower belly muscles

    There are different exercises for lower abdominal abs and upper abdominal abs.

    The standard AB exercises like crunches and setups are for upper abs.

    The lower abs, activities are like hip lift, a, etc. When we do those type activities cases, our deep muscles will automatically pull in and slim us down. It will also tone our Lower belly.

    Hip Lift

    Hip Lift

    ⁃ race both the legs to words the ceiling
    ⁃ remain steady
    ⁃ extend the arms out and away from the side on the floor
    ⁃ palms should be facing downwards
    ⁃ Now inhale
    ⁃ Pull the bellybutton into the spine
    ⁃ curl the hips towards the torso
    ⁃ now lift the bones from the floor
    ⁃ but keep the legs straight
    ⁃ Exhale and slowly place the bones on the ground.
    ⁃ Repeat it, ten times
    ⁃ But gradually increase the sets and don’t haste.

    Straight leg raise

    ⁃ Live on the back
    ⁃ Street the legs
    ⁃ Lock the knees and push the end down the ground
    ⁃ Toes should be pointed towards the wall
    ⁃ Put hands under the butt (palms should be facing down)
    ⁃ Inhale and raise the legs towards the ceiling(legs should be straight)
    ⁃ Tighten the abs
    ⁃ Exhale And Lower the legs but try to Lower them not more than 4 inches
    ⁃ Lower the leg is without lifting the small of the back
    ⁃ Repeat for ten times

    Roll up

    ⁃ Lying on the back
    ⁃ Legs should be straight touching the ground
    ⁃ Extend the arms over but behind the head just before the tour so starts to lift off the floor
    ⁃ Also should be in contact with the mat
    ⁃ Inhale, curl the upper body off the floor, extend the arms towards the ceiling.
    ⁃ Exhale Almost halfway up, while rolling forward reaching towards toes.
    ⁃ Inhale and Reverse the movement
    ⁃ Exhale Halfway in the movement to go back to the initial position.


    Flutter kicks

    ⁃ Lie down on the back
    ⁃ Head and shoulders should be lifted off the floor
    ⁃ Hands should be behind the head
    ⁃ Extend both the legs with toes pointed
    ⁃ Now left the right leg straight from the level ⁃ It should be perpendicular to the upper portion of the body
    ⁃ Raise left leg a few inches above the ground
    ⁃ Now swap leg positions
    ⁃ Put the right leg down. It should hover a few inches off the ground.
    ⁃ Side-by-side to raise the left leg towards the ceiling
    ⁃ Without pause, alternate back and forth. Repeat the up and down on each leg
    ⁃ Repeat it for at least five times

     Reverse crunches

    ⁃ Lie on the back with knees bent at 90°
    ⁃ The palms facing down
    ⁃ Place the arms by side
    ⁃ Abs will be contracted
    ⁃ Back pressed into the floor
    ⁃ Curl the knees towards The chest and butt Should lift off the floor
    ⁃ Slowly lowered the legs and feet should touch the floor



    ⁃ Sit
    ⁃ Feet lifted off the ground
    ⁃ Knees bent into the chest
    ⁃ Place the hands on the floor behind the bottom
    ⁃ All the bellybutton into the spine(Starting position)
    ⁃ Lean the upper body straight back
    ⁃ Extend both the legs straight out
    ⁃ (Both 6th and 7th Steps should be done at the same time)
    ⁃ Now Return to the starting position
    ⁃ Repeat it (3 sets of 10 reps)
    ⁃ Abs you should be Engaged
    ⁃ Keep the knees bend and raise the upper body

    Full plank twist

    ⁃ Begin it in plank position
    ⁃ Put the feet together, and weight shifted back
    ⁃ Bend elbows and a bender the right knee
    ⁃ bring it across in the direction of the elbow
    ⁃ Hips turn with you
    ⁃ Go back to the right leg to the plank position
    ⁃ Repeat it with the left leg
    ⁃ Repeat it up to 3 sets

    Double leg circles

    ⁃ Lie on the back, knees locked And legs straight up
    ⁃ Thighs should be together
    ⁃ Leg pointing towards the ceiling
    ⁃ put extended arms by the sides for support and palms facing down
    ⁃ back should be flat
    ⁃ Legs extended and feet to draw an imaginary small circle slowly
    ⁃ One circle is one repetition
    ⁃ Alternate between clockwise and anticlockwise circles
    ⁃ Slowly draw the circle as big as you can

     Navasana boat pose

    ⁃ Sit down
    ⁃ Bend the knees and lift the feet off the floor
    ⁃ Try to balance on the tailbone and sit down
    ⁃ One can take the help of hands and lift the feet a few inches off the floor
    ⁃ Hold the position for 30 seconds
    ⁃ Repeat it for five times

    Russian twist

    ⁃ Sit with the knees bent
    ⁃ Lean back torso about 45°
    ⁃ Back should be flat, straighten up the spine and extend arms straight out in front of the chest
    ⁃ Balance on the tailbone
    ⁃ Raise feet off the floor slowly
    ⁃ Twist at the torso, Rotating shoulders as far as to each side
    ⁃ Turn from one side to the next, one repetition


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