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    Woodworking Bed Plans The Best On The Market Right Now

    As is always the case with any woodworking DIY project, before you start construction on your bed you need to find a good set of woodworking bed plans.

    A good set of plans will tell you the type of material to use, the tools you going to need and a plan will give you the correct dimensions for that perfect bed.

    Ted’s Woodworking Plans is a great source and has over 125 woodworking bed plans to choose from.

    For the sake of this article, we will be discussing step by step instructions on how to make a stylish and comfortable queen size bed for your home.

    You will need a couple of basic tools to complete the job, like a regular saw and a jigsaw for cutting round shapes for the headboard, measuring tape and a trusty nail gun.

    You will also need wood glue, finishing nails, screws, filler material and some sandpaper for light finishing touches.

    To strengthen your bed it is advisable to use medium density fiberboards for their great durability.

    The general length of a queen sized bed is approximately eight foot and the width is normally four feet wide.

    This size is the general standard, but if you need a bit of extra length you can always add an inch or two.

    The beauty of constructing your own bed is that you can make it any size you want.

    The only problem you might have is getting a mattress to fit your frame, so it is advisable to stick to your woodworking bed plan.

    You should start by building the frame of your base

    This involves getting your side lengths cut to the correct dimensions as mentioned in your woodworking bed plans.

    Join the side lengths together with the nail gun making sure the longer length pieces overlap the shorter lengths and nail them together on the ends.

    Once you have the frame of your base all secure and in place you need to move on to step two.

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    Step two involves attaching the precut legs to your frame.

    Nail the legs to the inside edge of your frame and make sure to leave a gap for the slats and part of the mattress which will be placed on top of the leg.

    It’s best to use two slats for measuring the correct depth before nailing the leg in place.

    The next step is to cut strips of wood for the slats to sit on, let’s call these strips the trim.

    You need to screw the trim pieces to the inside of the frame and ensure they have fitted the same distance from the top of the frame as the legs, approximately two slats in depth.

    The slats can now be fixed to the trim with screws making sure there is about a 5 to 10-centimeter gap between each slat, this will ensure a strong base that will bear any weight of the person sleeping on the bed.

    The height of your headboard should be at least one third the length of your bed

    This is a standard height, but the headboard is more of a decorative structure, so the height is not that crucial and you can use your own discretion as you see fit.

    Be sure to use medium density fiberboards for the headboard too.

    Using a jigsaw you can cut out the shape of your headboard to what you want.

    The headboard can either be attached to the frame or separate and attached to the wall on its own.

    Really the choice is up to you and it all depends on the instructions in your woodworking bed plans.

    Finishing off your newly crafted bed is probably the hardest part because there will be a lot of sanding and filling that needs to be done.

    Once all holes and gaps are filled and all surfaces are smooth you can start applying the varnish and paint.

    With furniture becoming increasingly expensive you will save a lot of money if you take on a project to build your own bed.

    The best and easiest way to complete your project is to follow a set of woodworking bed plans with lots of illustrations and step by step instruction to show you how.

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